A sustainable way
to extract electrical energy
from the tidal flows of the sea.

What is Dynamic Tidal Power?

Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) is a revolutionary and endlessly sustainable technique that extracts industrial-scale amounts electrical energy from the tidal flows of water in the sea. The tidal force drives a massive wave of water along the coastline twice each day and DTP intercepts the associated kinetic energy flow and puts it to work generating electricity. Dynamic Tidal Power is a radical innovation in sustainable electrical energy production.

When the sun
is hidden

and the wind
is gone

the tide goes on
and on

DTP is a novel way to exploit the natural tides to generate sustainable energy on an industrial scale. It does this by building a dam-like structure extending out from the coast for at least 30 kilometers. Built into the structure is large number of turbines which generate electrical energy as the tidal flow passes through the barrier. By impeding the flow, the dam changes the long, low waveform of the tide to a shorter, higher wave, providing a significant hydraulic height differential (a head) over the dam.

The benefits of Dynamic Tidal Power

One 30-kilometer DTP dam can potentially produce electrical energy for about 3.4 million Europeans.

Tidal power is highly predictable and completely reliable due to the deterministic nature of tides, which are independent of weather conditions and climate change.

The turbines are fish friendly and since no fishing is allowed near the dam the natural ecosystem can flourish.

DTP barriers can help protect coastal lands from storm surges.